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The three ‘P’s for success

Today I’m going to focus on three elements which are absolutely essential for success in anyone’s life. These three elements which need to be present in a person’s life if they wish to start to be successful each and every day, are what I refer to in today’s title as’The three’P’s’for Success’. So, without keeping you guessing any longer, let me tell you what these three important words, each beginning with the letter’P’are. They are#1. Passion#2. Persistence and#3. Prayer. So, let’s take each of these three words beginning with the letter’P’and focus on why they are so very important for anyone who wishes to achieve his or her goals, and thus become successful.

The first vital element as we begin our journey on the road to success is’Passion’. If you really want to be successful at literally anything, there’s no doubt about it, you must be very Passionate about what you want to do. This Inner Passion will translate into tremendous enthusiasm within you, which will eventually become infectious thereby turning others on to your quest, which will of course assist you in getting the assistance of others, who will ultimately help you to achieve your goals and thus become successful.

Secondly, when you are passionately pursuing your goals and objectives and you come up against a brick wall, so to speak; this is where the second’P’comes into play, as you continue, in spite of great difficulties, to passionately pursue your dreams, in spite of some unforeseen circumstances. In other words, you persevere, you persist in following your dream, no matter what challenges or difficulties you encounter along the way. Yes indeed, those who are successful, are both passionate and persistent.

But now we get to the final, and perhaps most important’P’in our’Three’P’formula for Success’and that is’Prayer’. At this point, we acknowledge The FACT, that we are all Spiritual Beings living in a Spiritual World. So, having fully acknowledged this obvious FACT of LIFE, we simply seek The Creator’s assistance through daily prayer. When we religiously pray to our Spiritual Father, God; He will most definitely assist us, firstly in actually specifying our goals and objectives. He will also daily supply us with the vital Passion needed to allow us to carry our ideas through to fruition.

Finally, when the going gets tough and we encounter major problems on the road to success, He’ll supply us with the inner stamina, the spiritual strength to persist in the pursuit of our objectives, until we finally reach The Promised Land, and become successful.



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