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Thousands of dollars wasted due to absence of murder accused

The government spent a considerable sum to bring forward the case against murder accused Livingston Taylor.

However, that money was lost when Taylor failed to show up in the Supreme Court for the start of his trial.

Taylor, 44, is accused of the October 7, 2007 murder of Sylvia Agnes Cates in Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

Supreme Court Senior Justice Jon Isaacs struck Taylor’s case off the court’s calendar yesterday after the defendant failed to appear for a second consecutive day.

Prosecutors allege Taylor broke into Cates’home, robbed her of her 2000 Isuzu Rodeo at knife-point and killed her.

Cates’bruised and stabbed body was found on her bedroom floor in Rock Sound after her SUV was found overturned in bushes in Green Castle about 11 miles from the home.

Isaacs issued an arrest warrant for Taylor on Monday, the date his case was supposed to begin.

The case was set for a week.

The Nassau Guardiancan reveal that taxpayers money paid for travel expenses and accommodations for eight witnesses for the trial, including DNA expert Kevin Noppinger who lives in Florida.

The Nassau Guardianwas unable to confirm an exact figure for the cost of the failed trial, However, an official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said”thousands of dollars”were spent. The witnesses were in New Providence since Sunday, according to the official.

The people who signed Taylor’s$30,000 bail could help the country pay the bill for those costs. On Friday, that sum could be forfeited when Taylor’s suretors appear before Isaacs.

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