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It’s closer than you think

There are unfortunately millions of people spread throughout this great big world of ours who, although they some years ago were very enthusiastic about achieving some really great things with their life, have because of some severe setbacks actually given up trying to achieve anything in life, and are therefore for all intents and purposes in a state of Mobile Morbidity, or we could describe them as the’Walking Dead’, Why?because having given up on their cherished goals, they’re not even trying to reactivate their long lost dreams….How very sad!

Now today’s important message is directed primarily at all of those talented people who once had a dream, but because it did not work out, they’ve abandoned the dream and all but given up on life. This My Friend, is a real tragedy of epic proportions. So you My Friend, need to take the title of this article very seriously’It’s closer than you think’. What’s closer than I think D. Paul, many self labeled losers may say?The simple answer is, your success is much closer that you perhaps think. That’s right, so many people give up when their success is literally around the very next corner, over the next hurdle.

So, I’m issuing a plea here today to all of those downhearted

people who tried something which failed, to awake from your

temporary slumber, and to reignite the passion within you which is required to assist you in once again pursuing your dreams. Once you’ve planted the right seeds of success, you will indeed, in fact you

MUST ultimately reap the rewards of your planting, for that’s the way

The Universe works.

I remember a famous Congressman from Harlem, New York Adam Clayton Powell, who used to spend quite a lot of time in The Bahamas in years gone by; and his favorite saying was”Keep the faith Baby”. My Friend, we all go through difficult times in our life, when it appears at the time to be almost impossible to reach our goals. However, I’m here today to tell you My Friend loud and clear to’Keep the faith Baby’, that is continue to believe explicitly in your actual ability to, together with your Spiritual Father, God, ultimately achieve the lofty goals you set for

yourself some years back.

Yes My Friend,’It’s closer than you think’….that is your success!So, today’s the day for everyone to rekindle in their heart the unrealized dreams of yesteryear, and to set out once again both passionate and persistent about achieving great things in life. You can do it!Yes you can!


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