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Oyster Publications announces Women’s Empowerment Summit

Oyster Publications(Bahamas)Limited(OPBL), has announced the Women’s Empowerment Summit, to be held in Nassau on Wednesday, April 27, 2011.

In observance of the advances and history of women throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean region, the summit is seeking to empower women and aspiring young girls to live their best lives socially, financially and professionally. The list of invited guest speakers is comprised of recognized local and international professionals

“It’s an honor to bring this annual event home and our program is completely accessible to today’s busier-than-ever Caribbean woman,”OPBL Managing Director Portia Harrigan said in a statement released yesterday.

Awards will be given out during the summit in three categories: The Bahamas Business Woman of the Year Award; the Bahamas Female Youth Leadership Award; and the Regional Female Leadership Award.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, which will celebrate 100 years of economic, social and gender equality, as well as political achievement for women. The Women’s Empowerment Summit seeks to build on these accomplishments, while sensitizing women to the need for their full involvement in the further socio-economic development of The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean. According to the statement highlighting the event, the current state of affairs demands that women become more engaged.

For more information visit www.womensesummit.com to follow OPBL events, program highlights, speakers’lists, and to register online for the summit.

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