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Six-month jail term for tampering with monitoring bracelet

Officials will know exactly where Antonio Smith is for the next six months. Yesterday, Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethell sentenced Smith, 47, to six months in prison for cutting through the strap of an electronic monitoring bracelet placed on him.

He will spend an additional four months in prison if he fails to pay a$231 fine covering the value of the damage caused to the ankle bracelet.

Smith remained at large for three days after he cut off the GPS monitoring device placed on him as he awaited trial on a house-breaking charge.

He removed the bracelet on February 23 after an ICS operator informed him that he was in a restricted area, the court heard.

After the first call, Smith said he was going home. According to Inspector Ercell Dorsett, staff from ICS heard a sawing sound shortly after they reminded Smith to leave Rupert Dean Lane.

Police were called, but Smith had left by the time they arrived, Dorsett said. However, the officers found the monitoring device on the ground.

Police issued an all points bulletin for Smith and arrested him near the Shirley Street Post Office on February 26.

Smith is the second person to appear in court for tampering with a monitoring bracelet.

Michael Darling had his bail revoked last month because he failed to charge the device’s battery daily.

Darling was the first person tagged with a bracelet after the monitoring system came into effect. He is accused of attacking a policewoman with a knife and threatening to kill her.

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