Thursday, Jun 4, 2020

Fun for a cause

Fun is in the air and you don’t want to miss the upwind this time around. The most anticipated fair of the year is finally here. The 69th annual Bahamas Red Cross fair, the biggest fair of the year will be held this Saturday, March 5 on the Lower Grounds at Government House. The endless excitement and festivities will start at 12 noon and the officially opening will be at 3 p.m. for those fair-goers who don’t want to miss a thing. So take your family and friends to enjoy a day like no other.

Caroline Turnquest, Director General of the Bahamas Red Cross Society, said that the organization is very excited about this big event and are anticipating many families and friends to come out to support the fair.

“The Bahamas Red Cross Fair must be one of the most family-oriented events we have in this country”says Turnquest.”It has been around for a long time and people just can’t wait for it to come around again year after year. This year will be no different and we will not disappoint the people. It is a lot of work to get this together but each year it is worthwhile. It is the organization’s biggest fundraiser and we know that people come out to have fun but at the same time they are supporting us and our operational needs which is good.”

Turnquest said that you can expect this year’s fair to be exciting for everyone in the family, moms, dads and kids alike. There will be entertainment in all forms from the typical hooplah, bingo, basketball to kiddie-fun like the haunted house, face-painting, amusement rides and bouncing castles.

“There will definitely be something for everyone”she said.”Kids will be entertained and parents will have a ball. Mom can get her plants and books from the many stalls and dad can play basketball, bingo, hooplah and hang out with the frat brothers at their famous grill out stations. And of course to keep in tradition we will be having the disco at 7p.m. for a$10 admission. This is something that kids anticipate every year. It amazes me how well this always does. Now parents don’t need to worry about safety issues because we have definitely stepped up on this as we do every year. The police will be in full force and we will have noticeable security as well as undercover officers. This is always a safe event and we want to keep it that way.”

There will be more than 70 stalls this year and if you are an avid fair-goer you will definitely want to visit every single one. To keep the fair hype musical entertainment will be provided by the Police Pop band, DJ Dino, DJ Fines and DJ Puzzle throughout the event. This will definitely be a bragging right worthy weekend.

Ruby Strachan, 45, an annual attendee of the fair says that she is excited that it is here again so that she can help her kids make as many fond memories of this event as she has made throughout the years.

“The fair has always been a lot of fun”says the mother of three.”I missed it last year and I was so upset but I will definitely be there this time. In my youth going to the fair was the thing to do whenever it came about. It was the hottest ticket in town. If you didn’t go you were shunned and you just felt like you missed the most amazing thing in the world. I am so happy that my kids can go to this event with me now too. I hope they learn to appreciate this event as much as my generation has. It is so much fun and it’s for a good cause too.”

So if you missed the Bahamas Red Cross Fair last year you will not want to miss it this time around. It will be a phenomenal family event well worth your weekend. You can enter the fair grounds form the eastern gate on Market Street or via the western gate on Blue Hill road.

When: Saturday, March 5

Where: Lower Grounds at Government House

Time: 12 noon-12 midnight

Admission:$2 for adults,$1 for children

Pinder: PM's growth
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