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PM responds to Bluewater threat

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham last night responded to a threat recently issued by Bluewater Ventures Limited, saying he will not be intimated by the”shell company”and promising to tell the whole story of the Christie administration’s plan to sell 49 percent of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC).

Bluewater recently alleged that the Government of The Bahamas has been making defamatory comments against it and the company threatened to take legal action against the Ingraham administration.

Bluewater has asked the government’s attorney to advise no later than today whether the government intends to issue a public statement repudiating the alleged defamatory statements.

But the prime minister made it clear last night that no such step will be taken.

“They seek to intimidate,”said Ingraham, while wrapping up debate on the government’s mid-year budget statement.”Well, you know you can’t intimidate me in my private life. I wouldn’t talk about the Government of The Bahamas. And so, the Bluewater story will be told, notwithstanding any threats by them.

“The Bluewater story will be told and it’s a wonderful story for the people of The Bahamas to know and to have.”

Ingraham noted that the letter Bluewater’s attorney sent to the government’s lawyer last week never indicated what were the alleged defamatory statements.

Ingraham is expected to address the Bluewater issue during the upcoming debate in the House of Assembly on the BTC privatization.

The prime minister also touched on Baha Mar, a project introduced under the Christie administration that changed substantially under the Ingraham administration. Ground was broken last week on the Cable Beach development and Opposition Leader Perry Christie hit out at the government for not acknowledging at the event the PLP’s role in bringing the project about.

But Ingraham said last night,”Baha Mar is going ahead because the Chinese government is providing the money. They(the PLP)never wanted any business dealing with the Chinese government.

“They recognized Taiwan. In fact, that’s how the leader of the opposition got back in the PLP. The PLP made a deal with the Taiwanese government to recognize them and not the People’s Republic of China.

“Ervin Knowles, who was the minister, got fired, and Christie got hired. Ervin Knowles was appointed ambassador to Taiwan.

“The only reason why we have[ties]with the People’s Republic of China today is because the FNM did that and the Chinese regard us as an old friend and they are supporting us in the Baha Mar project.

“And there was no possibility of Baha Mar being able to get a loan with the Chinese unless The Bahamas government said’yes’, please do it.'”

Ingraham said the Free National Movement is delighted at the opportunity to be in government.

But he said,”We are concerned about the extent to which outright lies are told to the public, shamelessly so.”

Ingraham said what the FNM government has done is”unmatchable by them”.

“The reality is, Mr. Speaker, that we on this side of the House are pleased that the people of The Bahamas have reposed their trust in us and that we are spending their money wisely.

“We are preparing their economy for the future.”

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