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Budget Saturday March 5, 2011


1. surprising behavior 6A(sat.)(in Erica’s Que)

2. claude smith 6A letter#2 2(sat.)(in Erica’s Que)


middle east and caribbean 7A(sat.)(in Erica’s Que)


Educationa and prevention(in Terence’s Que)

1. Grant Bethel ruling(Page 1-lead)

WRITER: Artesia Davis

2. Brave in House(Page 1-#2)

WRITER: Brent Dean

3. Fire clean up(Page 1-#3)

WRITER: Chester Robards

pics: in system

4. Abaco suicide(Page 1-#4)

WRITER: Chester Robards

pics in system

5.Bail(Page 1-#5)

WRITER: Artesia Davis

Page 2, jumps

6. Our Lucaya layoffs(Page 3-Lead)

WRITER: Chester Robards

7. Police initiatives(Page 3-#2)

WRITER: Chester Robards

8. Sat. Crime(3-#3)

Writer: Brent Dean

Page 4 Bulla Hanna funeral pic page

Laing accuses PLP of
Looking back at vers