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BORCO logs a million man hours without an accident

BORCO is celebrating one million man hours logged without a lost time incident, an accomplishment which the lay person might undervalue, but is significant considering the intrinsic risk involved in oil storage and refinery.

“With an abundance of activity going on at the facility inclusive of the Brown Field expansion project, jetty reinstatement, repairs, and expansion of the inland dock, one million man hours worked without a time lost incident is a significant milestone for the management, staff and contractors at BORCO,”a statement from the company released last week read.

The one million man hours were worked since October 2009. According to the BORCO release, the company’s commitment to safety and zero tolerance to accidents has been inculcated into the culture at the refinery, driven by the theme,”we do it safely or not at all”.

There have been numerous safety incidents at refineries across the world which have resulted in injury and death. In 2005 a deadly explosion at a Texas City, Texas refinery owned by British Petroleum killed 15 people and injured 100 in what was the worst refinery accident in a decade.

There were numerous incidents since, including the Sarroch oil refinery accident in Sardinia, Italy where three died, likely from inhaling toxic fumes, and in 2008 a mobile crane collapsed, killing four and injuring seven at the LyodellBassell refinery in Houston, Texas. As recently as 2010 five died and two were critically injured in a Tesoro oil refinery fire in Anacortes, Washington, and in Tomsk, Siberia another died and two were injured in a fire incident, according to media reports. The list is not exhaustive, and other tragedies occurred during those years.

“BORCO’s goal is no accidents or incidents at our facility, which is why we put in place controls to eliminate unsafe acts, unsafe conditions and near misses,”a company spokesperson toldGuardian Businesson Friday. The company said that an emphasis on safety ensures that BORCO’s staff and contractors”return home safely to their families every night.”

BORCO is the largest storage terminal in the Caribbean, with a capacity of 21.6 million barrels. The terminal is in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and also offers blending, transshipment and bunkering services. BORCO is a subsidiary of Buckeye Partners.

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