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Directing and managing project execution

Directing and managing project execution is where the project plan comes to life and the work of the project happens. Work is authorized to begin and activities are performed. Resources are committed, and carry out their assigned activities to create the product, result or service of the project. Funds are spent to accomplish the project objectives.

Performing project activities such as, training, selecting sellers, collecting project data, utilizing resources, and so on are all integrated with, or are part of this process. The deliverables, and requirements are agreed upon, the resources are identified, and are ready to go, and the stakeholders know exactly where you are headed because they have reviewed, agreed to and approved the project plan.

If a good job was done during planning, things should go rather smoothly during this process. The job of the project manager is to manage the actual work, stay on top of the issues and problems and keep the work lined up with the project plan.

The activities included in directing and managing project execution include:

•Performing activities to accomplish project requirements.

•Creating project deliverables.

•Staffing, training and managing the team members assigned to the project.

•Obtaining and managing the use of resources including materials, tools equipment and facilities.

•Implementing the planned methods and standards.

•Establishing and managing project communication channels, both external and internal to the project team.

•Generating project data, such as cost, schedule, technical and quality progress, and status to facilitate forecasting.

•Issuing change requests and adapting approved changes into the project’s scope, plans, and environment.

•Managing risks and implementing risk response activities.

•Managing sellers and suppliers, and

•Collecting and documenting lessons learned, improvement processes, and improvement activities.

Cox is an author, an instructor of project management certification classes at the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services(BIFS), and is the president and CEO of Project Management Solutions Ltd.

Contacts:, e-mail Dorcas at or on Facebook at Bahamas Project Solutions.

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