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All experiences are good

As I have in fact written about on many occasions in the past, life is a journey leading hopefully to an eventual state of perfection. Now, every single step of that journey is indeed very important, even when we actually took some steps backward as we behaved in a rather juvenile manner. Yes indeed, as one of my favorite sayings so succinctly puts it:’Everything is in divine order’, yes indeed it is, including incidentally the’tough times’, the times when we actually appeared for all intents and purposes to be going backwards as we engaged in really ridiculous, damaging, completely unspiritual behavior, which in the end greatly harmed us at the time.

However, the point which I wish to make is this. In the overall scheme of things, making serious mistakes by engaging in destructive behavior hopefully taught us some invaluable’lessons in living’which assisted us in eventually succeeding. As I have put it on many occasions in the past, making mistakes is in fact an integral part of the growing, the learning process of life. The various failures we experience as we journey along life’s way so often in the long run teach us more than the actual successes, because they make it very evident that destructive thoughts and destructive behavior will tend to destroy our efforts to achieve success. It teaches us that literally everything in our life happens for reason, and in the long run that reason is to assist us to grow.

Yes my friend as the title of this particular article puts it,’All experiences are good’…..yes they are, for they’re all a part of the learning experience which will hopefully eventually bring us to a state of perfection, so that we can go to live with our Spiritual Father, God, forever…..what a simply wonderful and indeed exciting thought for today. So in a nutshell, today’s important message is this: Please don’t get too down on yourself as you make mistakes in life. Instead, make absolutely sure that you learn the most important lesson which the mistake was designed to teach you, whilst vowing not to keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. When you consistently do this, you will be growing, bit by bit, into the person God designed you to ultimately be.

Yes indeed,’All experiences are good’PROVIDED you view them all as the important learning experiences, which they were designed by God to be. We all have to occasionally fall before we learn to crawl, then walk and eventually run toward the finishing line, in true winning fashion.



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