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COBUS speaks out

The President of The College of the Bahamas’student body, COBUS, spoke out yesterday against the alleged lack of transparency the college’s administration has when it comes to certain financial matters that deal directly with student’s on campus services.

COBUS President Antonio Butler claimed yesterday during a press conference called by the group, that students have no idea where the college spends$100 paid by each student per semester for certain student services they claim they don’t receive.

“Students pay$50 for student fees and$50 for technical fees every semester,”Butler said.

“We still don’t know where our money goes or where it is being spent. All we are asking for is for the college to be transparent with its prime resource, the students.”

He suggested that the students at the college have been neglected by the government and by the college’s administration.

“We have a lot to be proud of, being the sole national higher education provider in The Bahamas, but when students come to school everyday we continue to see the lack of infrastructure,”he said.

“We tend to think that we are being put on the back burner nationally. For three over three years the students have waited and waited, then waited some more for food on campus. After promises and promises from past president, to this very day there is no food on campus.”

The college has gone through numerous transitions over the past several years, including recently appointing a new president who took office at the beginning of the year.

And while those student body representatives recognize the ongoing changes, they simply want to be recognized and listened to.

“Students at the college deserve better and for too long we have sat back and just waited-enough is enough,”said Butler.

“We the union of students would like to know when will the College and the Government truly take us seriously in their ventures.”

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