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PM details downtown enhancements

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has announced that a longtime eyesore in the downtown area will soon be demolished, area roads are to be resurfaced and government buildings on Bay Street will be upgraded.

For years the government has said it would take down the dilapidated Customs Warehouse at Arawak Cay without doing so.

“We are finally going to take down the old Customs Warehouse on Arawak Cay,”Ingraham said Saturday at a news conference at Lynden Pindling International Airport.”We are soliciting bids for it.”

According to the prime minister, work is scheduled to begin on the demolition project in April. It is expected to be demolished by June.

Ingraham also said work on water mains should soon begin downtown so that the resurfacing of Bay Street can take place.

This work will be done at nighttime, he said.

“No daylight work[will be done]on Bay street. We will seek to minimize disruptions to business and travel,”Ingraham said.

The prime minister further revealed that preliminary discussions have begun about the development of downtown property, including the Kelly property that was destroyed by fire and the government’s property next to it up to the Klonaris plaza at Elizabeth and Bay Streets.

“So we are seeking to have a transformed Bay Street,”Ingraham said.

Betty K. Agency Ltd. was among several businesses destroyed by fire on Valentine’s Day. Investigators have not determined the cause of the fire.

The government was in talks to buy the building before the fire. However, the$7 million allocated at the beginning of this fiscal year for the purchase was re-allocated for other uses during the mid-year budget.

Ingraham pointed out that several government buildings in the downtown area are already being renovated, including the Hansard Building at corner of Bank Lane and Bay Street. The top floor of the building housed a Supreme Court.

The prime minister added that when the House of Assembly suspends in July, exterior work will be done to that building and the Senate building.

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