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Police officer extradition hearing continues

A magistrate yesterday rejected a defense lawyer’s bid to cross-examine the virtual complainant during an extradition hearing.

Murrio Ducille, who represents Nyahuma Bastian, argued that his client had a constitutional right to have to his accuser present.

Bastian, a police corporal, is facing extradition accused of the rape of a woman in Texas in April 2001. Bastian and his accuser were students at the University of North Texas when the allegation was made.

He joined the police force after he failed to return for his court hearing.

Magistrate Gullimina Archer said an extradition hearing is not a trial and its purpose is to determine if there is sufficient evidence for a trial.

She said the hearing would proceed with documentary evidence alone as stipulated by the Extradition Act.

Archer also rejected an argument that Bastian should have been charged under the Sexual Offence Act and the Extradition Act.

Archer said Bastian was aware of the accusation against him. The case continues on April 12 at 1 p.m.

Neil Brathwaite represents the United States government. Devard Francis also represents Bastian.

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