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Former minister seeks another PLP nomination

Having lost the Killarney constituency race in the 2007 general election, former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Neville Wisdom is seeking the Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)nomination for the St. Cecilia constituency in the next general election.

Current St. Cecilia Member of Parliament Cynthia”Mother”Pratt has said she will retire from front-line politics at the end of this parliamentary term.

When Wisdom appeared on the Star 106.5 FM talk show”Jeffrey”with host Jeff Lloyd yesterday, he said he wants to run, but he will not be bitter if he is denied a nomination.

“My position is simple,”he said.”Whatever I need to do for the Progressive Liberal Party to win, I’m prepared to do that. If that means that I should run, then I’m prepared to do that. If that means I don’t run, then I’m prepared to do that. I just want to make sure that we win.”

In the last general election, Wisdom lost the Killarney seat to current Minister of Health Dr. Hubert Minnis.

A large portion of the old Delaporte constituency was included in the newly configured Killarney constituency. Wisdom served as Delaporte MP from 2002 to 2007.

However, Wisdom now wants to serve a less affluent community.

“I thought that I would try to offer my services in an area where my abilities could be best utilized simply because my history has been one of service to young people and to people generally,”he said of St. Cecilia.”And I believe that areas Over-the-Hill need revitalization.

“You need to bring about a paradigm shift in some of those areas and I’m offering to do that. I think I have the experience to do that.”

Wisdom said he has written to the PLP National General Council to request consideration for the nomination.

“I’ve not been interviewed yet,(but)I suspect that will happen in short order,”he said.”If I am successful in garnering the support of the party, then so be it. My understanding is that there are others who are interested in the seat.”

One such person is former broadcast reporter and senator, Paulette Zonicle, who over the years has shown keen interest in St. Cecilia.

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