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Rahming’s significant sports development contributions

Frank’Pancho’Rahming is well known in sports circles as one of the leading figures in track and field.

He served many years as The Bahamas’Athletics National Coach. Also, he held the position of Deputy Director of Sports in the nation’s sports ministry for almost two decades.

As national coach in athletics, he played a significant role in the development of many of our elite track and field competitors. He is a prime mentor on the international stage constantly, as Bahamian male and female stars regularly win medals.

Rahming is an advocate for keeping abreast of the rules and regulations of athletics, as they change and expand. Theoretically, practically and technically he has kept pace, and over the years, many Bahamian athletes, coaching peers and understudies have benefitted accordingly.

Presently, Rahming serves as the Race Director for Marathon Bahamas. This is yet another capacity in which he has contributed to nation building through sports. Considering the tight schedule faced by those who helped to coordinate the first Marathon Bahamas in 2010 and the second running of the classic this past January, a daunting challenge was faced.

Rahming, with his experience, easily moved through his obligations and was instrumental in the success of both events.

The body of work relating to the roles aforementioned has been invaluable and Rahming is to be congratulated and encouraged for continue to make his contributions. There is however another stellar chapter in the life and times of Frank Rahming. He was a competitor of note and deserves to be mentioned right along with Oscar Francis and Martin Lundy when it comes to versatility in running.

Francis of course is the dean in that category. His performances during the 1950s and 1960s covered all of the running events from the marathon right down to the 100-yards dash.(In the latter, he ran the third leg on the 4×100 team that won the first track and field medal for the country in 1957).

Lundy, who is a contemporary of Rahming’s, was a champion high school miler and he also represented St. Augustine’s College in the short sprints. Rahming was a champion long distance road racer and he came all the way down the line to the 400 meters dash. It was an amazing transition.

There was this young man from Fox Hill who had excelled in the road races as a young man locally, at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games competing in the 400 meters for his country. He didn’t get beyond the first round in Munich but nevertheless his legacy of versatility was cemented.

Indeed, Frank’Pancho’Rahming has been a very special ingredient in the national sports development mix.

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