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Not ‘I will’ but ‘I am’

As we all know, words have tremendous power, in fact Joyce Myer wrote a book some years ago simply titled’Words are containers of power’….yes indeed they are, the power to produce great events in our life, or to contribute to our ultimate demise. Words properly chosen have the power to motivate ourselves and indeed others, thus propelling us and them forward on the road to success. We must also bear in mind The FACT that words can also destroy our own efforts and the efforts of others to get ahead in life. So, it’s quite obvious that we need to be extremely careful about our choice of words as we daily speak to ourselves or another, always bearing in mind the power of our words to lift up or destroy.

Now, one of the tools recommended by all of the experts on achieving success is the use of daily affirmations. An affirmation is a statement of fact pertaining to our goals and objectives which needs to be structured in the first person and present tense. For example: If you wish to get a new house for you and your family to live in, the appropriate affirmation would be structured like this:”I AM living in my new, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a swimming pool, in the western district of New Providence”. This affirmation is specific and it’s written in the first person and present tense. You will notice, it’s not’I Will’but’I Am’……. this is the way in which to make your dreams come true.

Of course, in some situations it’s perhaps quite difficult for the novice to structure affirmations correctly. For example: when one is not feeling too good and perhaps suffering from a serious illness. The correct affirmation under these circumstances would be structured like this:”All is well with me now.’I AM’whole and healthy.’I AM’experiencing excellent health of Body, Mind&Spirit”. Once again, I draw your attention to the fact that it’s not’I Will’but’I Am’. Don’t ever forget that to he who BELIEVES, All things are POSSIBLE!

So when you say with true feelings of conviction”I AM healed”and of course implicitly’believe it’, the divine healing process has already began, for as the Bible states quite clearly, in reality we are as we THINK we are…..yes indeed we most definitely are!Of course, the right words used just amplify our thoughts.



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