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Bail granted to men charged with murder

A judge on Thursday granted bail to two men accused of murder.

Godfrey Virgil has been in custody since 2009 for the stabbing death of Ashley Joel Smith.

According to police, Smith died following a fight in Grand Bahama in October 2009.

Senior Justice Jon Isaacs set Virgil’s bail at$35,000 after it was revealed that there had been little progress in the case since his arrest.

Murder accused Xavient Taylor’s bail has been set at$30,000.

Taylor, 26, is accused of murdering James Gardiner on November 2, 2009.

According to police, Gardiner, 42, of Augusta Street, New Providence, was visiting a friend in Montell Heights when he got into an argument with another man who stabbed him in the chest.

A magistrate previously discharged the case against Taylor following a preliminary inquiry. However, prosecutors reinstated the charge without producing any new evidence.

Murrio Ducille represented both men.

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