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Celebrating ‘Uncle Lou’

This Saturday, March 12, the sixth annual “Uncle Lou Road Race”will be kicking off at Rawson Square at 6 a.m. Exercise junkies and walking enthusiasts can expect to be in for a treat with this race. 

What started off as a fun way to get together and pay respects to the memory of Deacon Leviticus”Lou”Adderley, a beloved former principal of Saint Augustine’s College(SAC), with time has become a highly anticipated event on the road race calendar.

Benson Russell, PR director of the SAC’s alumni association, said that this is one of the biggest events on the association’s calendar, and he encourages everyone to come out to have fun and get in an easy hour of exercise.

“This is an event that has definitely blossomed over the years,”said Russell.”It started off really small as a mini-reunion of sorts but is now much bigger than that. This is a great way to exercise and just have fun. It is really exciting and has many fun elements to it. Competition, speed, fellowship, comraderie, the works. You will really have a good time if you come out.”

What is going to make this event different and more fun than usual is the introduction of the walk-relay option. This will allow groups of friends or co-workers to team-up and aim to get the best time of all the racing groups.

The route for the race has also changed. This year it will start from Rawson Square and run to Montagu Beach then up Village Road and onto Bernard Road, where it will end at the administration building on SAC’s premises. Runners have the added element of running over both Paradise Island bridges as well.

Russell said that he expects many people SACers as well as the general public to come out and show support of this worthwhile event. There will be a souse-out after the race, and a bus will be available to transport participants back to their cars.

“This is well organized and in a few years time we anticipate this will be a really big event. We have people flying in specifically to attend it and we hope that in time it will really take off as something even bigger and better,”Russell said.

Persons interested in participating can register before the race at 5 a.m. at the startline on Rawson Square.

When:Saturday, March 12

Where:Starts at Rawson Square and ends at Saint Augustine’s College

Time:6 a.m.

Cost:$15 for general,$12 for track club members

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