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Man gets thirteenyears for choppingfriend to death

A Pinewood Gardens resident received a 13-year sentence for the chopping death of his friend.

Maitland Thompson was scheduled to go to trial for the murder of Collier Knowles in June 2009 this week. However, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter by provocation after entering into a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Thompson’s lawyer, Ramona Farquharson, contended that he acted in self-defense.

According to eyewitnesses, Knowles confronted Thompson with the cutlass during an argument. Thompson disarmed him and proceeded to chop Knowles nine times in his head, limbs and torso.

In passing sentence, Senior Justice Jon Isaacs said it is difficult for persons to gauge the amount of force necessary to neutralize a threat”with mathematical precision.”

Justice Isaacs said that Knowles’injuries showed that Thompson went”too far.”Thompson has been on remand since 2009. His sentence takes effect from January 1, 2011.

Thompson and Knowles, who had been friends for seven years, were drinking at a bar in Pinewood Gardens when they had an argument.

Knowles, a customs guard, left the bar. However, the men continued the argument when they saw each other on Cottonwood Street in Pinewood.

Several friends parted that altercation, according to prosecutor Darnell Dorsette. Witnesses saw Knowles walking with a cutlass, which was held towards the ground.

Eyewitnesses said Thompson disarmed Knowles and chopped him nine times about the body. Dorsette said Knowles died from acute blood loss caused by multiple chop wounds.

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