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Nassau Chamber Ensemble to hold debut concert at NAGB

On Sunday, March 20, the country’s newest classical group, the Nassau Chamber Ensemble, will be putting on their debut concert at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. This 11-member group will be taking the best of classical music and pairing it with a casual, intimate environment, something once popular in the 18th century.

Co-founder of the group, Noel Thompson, said that he and fellow founder Helen Peloquin saw a need for a chamber ensemble. There were popular local orchestras and countless concerts for vocalists but there was nothing in between.

“When last have you heard of a chamber concert?It doesn’t happen very often at all,”remarked Thompson.

“When you think of a concert it’s by the symphony orchestra or a singer or similar group. You don’t really hear about chamber ensembles, which are musicians who play together in small groups. Our group is mostly made of string instruments so we will be performing many lovely pieces as well as have a few solos by flutist Christine Gangelhoff and Laura Daner who plays the french horn.”

Thompson said that you can expect to have a marvelous time at this event. You can expect to hear a wide-range of classical favorites and some uncommon works. There will be pieces from Albinoni, Vivaldi, Mozart, Handel, von Williams and Tchaikovsky.

“If you don’t like baroque works then you have some romance or even modern pieces,”said the musician.”You will definitely hear something that will stir you.

“It will also be a great experience because, unlike with an orchestra where you have seat for the audience and a stage for the musicians, we will not have one. We will be playing among the audience so it will have a really intimate feel to it. This is something that people who like classical music but don’t want the grand experience will like. We are excited,”he said.

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