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The customer is#1

I watched a program on television some time back when they were interviewing the Founder and CEO of the fantastically successful online business, Jack Ma. Jack Ma, who is quite young, started his e-commerce business in China with just eighteen employees. Today, he has twenty thousand employees, is immensely successful, and is expanding outside of China to the rest of the world, including The U.S. and Europe. When asked about his philosophy for success in his organization, he immediately replied,”The Customer is#1″. He further stated that in the west the average business thinks first and foremost about satisfying their investors. It is a FACT that over and over again one can hear CEO’s of major organizations state that their number one obligation is to their shareholders. But the immensely successful Chinese Businessman Jack Ma, CEO of, said exactly the opposite. He stated quite clearly, that his#1 priority is to The Customer; if we don’t please The Customer, we will not have a business.

He said that his#2 priority is to his employees. We like to treat our employees right by paying them a good wage and making sure that their needs are taken care of. After all, it is the highly motivated employee that will make absolutely sure to treat the customers royally, thus making sure that they return again and again to do business with our company. Our#3 priority is to our shareholders. He further emphasized that only when we take care of#1 our customers, and#2 our employees, will we be able to make our shareholders happy with high earnings on their investment in the business. Oh what simple’common sense’that philosophy is!

Many, many large business organizations throughout the world, and in particular in The U.S. need to heed this wise, and indeed most practical advice given by Charlie Ma, CEO of the giant Chinese internet marketing company, which is right now taking the world by storm in the field of e-commerce.

Now let’s make it real simple so that everyone gets the message. No customers….No profit!Lots of customers….Lots of profit!So, no matter what type of business you run, remember’The Customer is#1!’. When you always keep this obvious FACT in mind and thus treat them literally like kings, whilst also making sure that your employees are happy and well compensated, you will indeed rapidly progress, and incidentally, so will the shareholders.



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