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CWC promises 4G tech”soon”

The Bahamas will have one of the region’s most advanced telecoms networks in the near future, Cable&Wireless Communications(CWC)said yesterday.

If successful in purchasing 51 percent of shares in the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC), CWC will support and prioritize BTC’s existing engineering strategy and help the company to invest in new technology, according to a statement from the company released yesterday.

“Our aim is for Bahamians to have access to technology which matches that available in the United States. This will include 4G mobile services and a quadrupling of broadband speeds,”said Geoff Houston, who is leading CWC’s transition team.

BTC currently operates a second-generation(2G)network which can support the most basic data services. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile technology, which enables users to upload, download and stream data far more quickly.

According to the World Bank, a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration stimulates economic growth by 1.38 percentage points.

“High speed broadband is a platform which supports the development of a whole community. Faster broadband encourages more people to get online, makes it easier for entrepreneurs to launch new services and helps households take advantage of all the great things the web can offer from music downloads and social networking to education and business services and even pay TV services like we offer in Panama and Monaco,”said Houston.

Smartphones–handsets which are akin to mini-computers and 4G technology–offer a new world of experience to consumer and business users alike and can be used to download music, watch TV, play games and access the many thousands of applications now available.

A 4G network will also enable BTC to introduce mobile broadband that can be accessed using a simple dongle which plugs into laptops and other types of computers. The dongle service will allow laptop users to access the internet anywhere on the islands where there is a 4G signal. This will be much more convenient for many Bahamians than relying on fixed or wireless broadband.

Mobile Broadband is particularly popular with people who regularly live or work in areas where there are limited Wi Fi or fixed line broadband services available. Sales people for example can keep up to date with administration in between appointments.

CWC said it also plans to make fixed line broadband speeds eight times faster than the one Megabyte per second currently available.

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