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Foulkes slams PLP in Senate

The Free National Movement(FNM)government accomplished more in a single year than the Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)did in its whole five-year term because it believes in less talk and more action, Government Leader in the Senate Dion Foulkes charged yesterday.

According to Foulkes, the PLP failed to keep promises despite borrowing$800 million. He said in both the 2002 and 2006 Speeches from the Throne, the PLP government promised to reinvigorate the country’s financial services sector.

“But despite numerous commitments made with regard to protecting and advancing financial services, the PLP failed to negotiate a single Tax Information Exchange Agreement(TIEA), which is critical to saving the industry,”said Foulkes, adding that the FNM has signed more than 20.

“After five years and$800 million borrowed, they barely had an effect in the country’s infrastructure.”

Foulkes was delivering his contribution to debate on the 2010/2011 mid year budget statement.

He slammed the PLP for its failure to bring on stream its promised National Health Insurance Plan. Foulkes claimed the PLP government rushed to put some ideas on paper, but was unable to put a single element of its so-called plan into action.

The FNM government, he said, was able to bring on stream the Drug Prescription Plan, which is being phased in. That plan covers 11 non-communicable diseases.

Foulkes claimed the PLP was too”incompetent and too neglectful”to take care of the people’s business.

He said the PLP promised the development of sports tourism, Arawak Cay, and a five-year agriculture plan etc, but none came on stream.

Foulkes said the painful truth which the PLP keeps avoiding is that most of its plans were stopped, reviewed and cancelled at its own hands.

“The last PLP administration was perhaps the laziest and most incompetent government in the modern Bahamas. Even worse, they destroyed things and let the country run down, nearly wrecked[the Bahamas Telecommunications Company]with the Bluewater scheme, killed the Bahamas Games[and]slowed down the expansion of the National Park System,”Foulkes said.

He said anyone who decides to vote for the PLP will get the same thing: However, he said there’s no doubt the majority of the people would choose the FNM government.

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