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It’s that dreaded time of year again–the clocks have all sprung forward by an hour, so that means it’s time to roll up the sleeves, because it’s spring cleaning time. This year spring officially begins on Sunday, March 20, but this doesn’t mean that you have to fear this annual spring ritual as giving your house that good old spring cleaning does not have to be the imagined nightmarish chore.

According to Chantel Carnegie, manager at Superior Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd., a local professional cleaning company, the first thing most people need to do is defeat their mental fears and realize that the job has to be done and can be done in one go, if they set their mind to it.

“Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just make up your mind that you will get up one morning and go at it until it is done. That is probably the biggest hurdle many people will face,” says Carnegie.

After getting yourself into the proper mind frame, the professional cleaner says the next step is to form a game plan to tackle the job. She says looking at the work as one big job instead of small projects to be knocked out one at a time is the easiest way to prematurely throw in the towel.


Carnegie says a good option to making the annual task fun and easier is to have a few friends over to help you out instead of slaving away on your own. She suggests assigning different tasks to each person and to make it more interesting by seeing who can finish their task the quickest and do a great job. She says being able to have a great time talking and joking around with friends while cleaning will make the whole experience seem smaller and time will pass faster.

Carnegie says that one way to jump start the cleaning party in the right direction is to take each task–such as dusting or polishing–and ensure that everything that needs dusting or polishing is done at the same time. This way you will not have to dust again.

The cleaning company manager’s advise to ensuring that everything flows better is to ensure that things like washing are done in between jobs so that you can have a break from doing more grueling tasks.

“It’s a good idea to start off by taking down curtains and old bed sheets and putting them to wash before you get into other tasks. This will give you time to do other things, make you feel more accomplished and give you a reason to stop in between harder tasks so you won’t be too tired at the end of the day.”

Another way to tackle the gargantuan annual task that is cleaning is to do it one room at a time. Make up your mind to do the bedrooms and keep at it until it is done. This will mean stripping the bed and taking the mattress and rugs outside to be aired. You will want to move the bed frame and other stationary furniture to sweep and mop beneath them. You may even want to rearrange the whole room so you have a fresh new spring look. You will also want to dust surfaces including any fans, air-condition vents and get in the corners of the ceiling for spider webs as well. The next thing may be to polish your furniture in the room as well like your bureaus and bed frames. Tidying any papers or things you keep on your tabletops is also a must-do.

“The next job you will want to tackle can be your kitchen. While you are doing work in your bedroom, you may want to have sprayed oven cleaner in your oven and let the surface of your stove soak if you have a lot of caked-on food. This way when you finally get to the kitchen everything can be wiped off with ease. Cleaning out your refrigerator and freezer are also things you will want to have worked on before hand. If you have lots of ice and need to defrost your freezer and fridge, taking the plug out the night before and putting perishables in a cooler is important to make the task easier. You will need a good soaking agent too if there is a lot of build-up in your fridge. This is something you need to clean every month to two months depending on the extent of its use or how well you store items. Of course disinfecting, dusting and cleaning surfaces like cupboards and the table top are also essential to a clean kitchen.”


Another major area to be careful cleaning is your living room. The manager says that while it is normal to clean it everyday and do major dusting on the weekends, when it comes to that annual cleaning you will need to do a lot more. Besides dusting and polishing furniture, couches and rugs should get their annual shampoo if you don’t do it every six months. How often you do major cleaning in these areas, she says, depends on whether you have sensitive skin and if your soft surfaces get soiled easily.

She says it is also a good idea to scotch-guard your couches so that when you have spills they run off the surface rather than soaking into the material and staining it.

The last major area of your home that needs attention is probably most people’s least favorite–the bathroom. This space, she says, needs special attention because it needs to be properly sanitized even though many persons have an aversion to this particular chore.

Things that many people overlook cleaning in the bathroom include cleaning behind toilet bowls, putting bleach in the scrubbing brush holder and sanitizing the plunger.

Carnegie says when giving your bathroom its special spring cleaning to ensure that you use a brush to get right into the corners, and to pay attention to tiling in the tub area as well. She says a good lime, rust and soap scum dissolving cleaner may be if necessary if your bathroom is especially dirty. She says sanitizing your basin and tub is jut as important as santizing the toilet–they should not be neglected.

For some people, even with help and determination, cleaning their home is too large a task for them and Carnegie says these are the persons who should seek out professional help from places like Superior Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd.

“Not everyone will want to, or is capable of properly cleaning their own home, so that is when a cleaning company is called in,”says the manager.”If it is just a residential home and there are no special requirements like sofa cleaning or maintenance work, a maid-for-a-day may be what they need. This can cost you about$95 or more if the home needs a lot of work. The cleaning lady will come and do as you ask of her with little hassle or fuss. If you have a bigger task in mind like tile cleaning or carpet shampooing that is a different fee and can run you into$200 or more depending on the condition of tiles/carpet and size of the area. Most companies will do an inspection of the work you need done and will give you an estimate before hand, so really if you want to avoid the hassle, a cleaning company takes care of everything so you won’t have to worry at all.”

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