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BEC and managers union dispute continues

A great divide remains between the Bahamas Electrical Utilities Management Union(BEUMU)and the Bahamas Electricity Corporation(BEC)over a new industrial agreement, which could lead to a strike by the managers, a union source toldThe Nassau Guardianyesterday.

The source said that while the union is willing to accept a reduction in the sum it is seeking from the corporation, the corporation is not willing to compromise on its position.

BEC has said it offered the BEUMU $500,000 to be shared among its 120 members for the 2007-2010 period. For the period 2010-2013, BEC offered a two percent increase in addition to the near three percent increments and/or annual lump sum payments proffered.

“BEC considers its offer to the union most reasonable, especially as the corporation seeks to rebound from years of financial instability and taking into account the other benefits that its staff continues to enjoy,”the corporation said in a recent statement.

The BEUMU has been without an industrial agreement with BEC since 2007.

The Nassau Guardianunderstands that the union is asking for a 10.5 percent pay increase over four years.

“The problem is what they have offered is being rejected by all managers because of the great difference in sum. The sum they are offering has been rejected by all managers. The members are disappointed in the corporation and they are annoyed to the point where they are saying don’t even sit with them to talk,”the source said.

The managers have voted to strike over the dispute, but the union has not made that move thus far.

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