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Bishop accused of sexmisconduct pattern

A prosecutor on Tuesday suggested that Bishop Earl Randolph Fraser’s explanation of why police found his semen on the carpeting of his office at the Pilgrim Baptist Temple, St. James Road, was absurd. The prosecutor also suggested that Fraser had a recurring pattern of professional sexual misconduct.

Fraser, 53, is on trial for having an alleged illicit affair with a 16-year-old church member between July 2005 and February 2006 who had come to him for counseling. Prosecutors allege that he breached his position of trust by allegedly beginning the affair.

The accuser has alleged that she and the bishop had sex on numerous occasions in the church office and at his marital home.

However, Fraser has categorically denied the allegations levelled against him by the woman. He explained that his office was his”home away from home”where he shared moments of intimacy with his wife, Jacqueline, when there were power outages at his home in Eastwood Estates.

Fraser said he did not have a generator at home, but there was one in the administration block of his church.

Yesterday, Franklyn Williams, the deputy director of public prosecutions, attempted to discredit Fraser’s reason for the presence of semen in the church’s office.

Fraser told Williams that the office did not have a bed, a washing machine or stove.

Williams asked,”You left the comfort of your bed, sir, and you took your children and your wife to your home away from home, which does not have a bed, and you repeatedly took her[wife]on the floor?”

Fraser said this was so.

Williams continued,”When the electricity goes off you don’t open the windows and let the air in?”

According to Fraser, they opened the windows’sometimes’.

Once again, Williams asked Fraser about his alleged sexual act with his wife in a place”where people pass and re-pass throughout the course of the day, where dirt is.”

Fraser returned,”My office is not dirty.”

Williams reminded Fraser of the testimony of Sergeant Mark Barrett, who said that Fraser appeared”very shocked”when police found semen in the church office.

Williams suggested that Fraser reacted in this manner because”you had sex in the office there with[name omitted]and you never expected that to be found out.”

Fraser replied”That is not a fact.”

Williams also suggested that Fraser had a pattern of sexual misconduct. Fraser denied the suggestion.

Williams said this was confirmed by evidence of witnesses who said they heard Fraser’s wife say”baby you did it again”when a raunchy recording in which the pastor allegedly begged the girl for sex was played in the church office.

Fraser said those witnesses lied. But Williams reminded him that he had previously said that he did not hear what his wife said.

Williams said,”How do you know they lied, if you didn’t hear what your wife had said?”

Fraser said he knew this because of what other people who were present said.

Fraser acknowledged that his accuser’s grandmother knew him all his life. Of the raunchy recording, Williams said,”She knew the voice of her shepherd.”

Williams asked Fraser why he continued to associate with the teenager, although he had stopped counseling her after people began to suggest that they were not really having counseling sessions.

Despite this, Fraser allegedly continued to call the girl and pick her up.

Williams asked,”You don’t think it looked bad to be associating without the cover of counseling, with a child young enough to be your grandchild?”

Fraser said,”It didn’t look bad because everything was done above the table.”

The case continues before Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethell on April 5. Fraser is represented by Wayne Munroe and Jairam Mangra.

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