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Family identifies teen murder victim

A mother’s shrills pierced the breezeway between the Princess Margaret Hospital’s morgue and Blood Bank yesterday.

It was the first time the mother of 14-year-old Jeffonya Rolle had seen her body since she was gunned down early Sunday morning.

Rolle’s mother was forced to wait almost four days to return to New Providence after finding out that her daughter had been killed as she was reportedly attending a funeral with her husband in Haiti.

The Nassau Guardianunderstands that Rolle was in a car with her brother when gunmen approached the vehicle and began shooting into it.

She reportedly died in the arms of her aunt.

Her mother had only come back in town some time between Tuesday night and yesterday morning.

Almost 20 friends and relatives came to the morgue to view the body. They were all noticeably upset about what they were about to see as they waited outside.

But emotions peaked when they began to flood into the morgue to finally see their loved one. And those emotions exploded when they walked back outside.

Rolle’s mother ran toward the wall opposite the morgue’s door and began slapping the wall and wailing, while family members who were only inches behind attempted to console her.

Some hospital workers came to her assistance as she cried uncontrollably and offered her a seat inside the Blood Bank, until the vehicle she was to leave in could arrive to pick her up.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Glenn Miller said this latest homicide is likely a case of Rolle being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Miller decried the event and said it was a particularly unfortunate one because it involved a girl.

“It is just sad when you see human beings gunned down in that fashion,”he said.

He suggested that Rolle was likely not the target of the culprits who shot at the car.

“The people around her might have been the target and she got caught in the situation,”he said.”These individuals don’t care who is caught in the crossfire.”

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