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A spiritual awakening is awaiting you

The general consensus at the Church of God of Prophecy’s(COGOP)90th Annual Convention seems to be that people need to return to God. And according to Bishop Robert F. Davis Jr., presiding bishop of Florida for COGOP, it is absolutely essential in these turbulent times.

“When I was invited to be a speaker in the convention I received from God in my prayers a great burden to inspire God’s people to return to the understanding that without God among us and without Him leading us we will not accomplish what He has called us to do. With all the economic challenges of our day and global turmoil it’s very natural to lose focus. But more than ever in times like these we need to hear a call from Heaven because God wants to be among us,”said Bishop Davis who is speaking at the convention which has as its theme”Led by His Spirit.”

The bishop told the parishioners that various uncertainties and fears that are gripping people today can only be quelled by finding that internal peace that can only come from returning to God and allowing oneself to be Led by His spirit.

“A major part of what I wanted people to understand is that everything around us . . . the unrest, dramatic climate changes, diminishing resources, wars and everything else the world today is wrestling with is a result of people being unable to find the peace that the one who gave us reason for existence brings. Even in the time of Moses, challenges could not be met without God’s presence within. This convention speaks on how to get that peace by letting His spirit lead you. Letting this happen I feel is the only way that we can have peace in our world, churches, pastors, families . . . homes. We all need peace, and it starts by letting Him come in.”

Bishop Jeffery A. Davis, overseer of the COGOP in North Carolina says a return to God will bring restoration to the world at large. His message to the convention centered on the power of prayer.

“I believe that God is calling all of Christiandom back to prayer. My belief is that if we are to be led by the Spirit we need to deepen our relationship with the Spirit and with God. This call back to prayer is not only for pastors or leaders. This is a call for all persons who call themselves Christians.”

The international bishop reminded people that prayer is people’s ability to connect with God,so as you pray for others, for healing, you are asking God to intervene on their behalf. He says no one person whether rich or extremely intelligent has the answers to the world’s problems therefore instead of leaning on your own understanding and abilities, allow God in by prayer to do it. Bishop Davis told the convention that prayers at this time should not be selfish ones but ones that invite God to touch others especially those who do not know Him.

As people serious about their prayer life, the Bishop advises that everyone look into their own lives and figure out what prayer is to them, why and how they pray, what hinders their prayers and what are the results of their prayers.

The Bishop hoped the message he shared would shed some light on how people can better their spiritual relationship and be more open to being led by His guidance.

The convention concludes on Sunday, March 20, but tonight those in attendance can look forward to a powerful and inspiring evening as this session headed by the Fine Arts Ministry of the COGOP will feature a premier performance of the dramatic production,”Breathe on Us Holy Spirit.” 

On Friday night, the youth will take over the convention taking their session to the streets in their annual night March, followed by their”Midnight Jamboree”which will have a number of local gospel performers taking to the stage.

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