Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019

Purple haze

Imagine a sensory encounter with the perfect mix of flavors, fresh blueberries native to Europe and North America, fruity pomegranate from Southwest Asia, and smooth Açai from South America.

Imagine these flavors blended with the true taste of vodka originating from the rich fields of southern Sweden.

Now you no longer have to imagine. And many have sipped on the newest Absolut vodka flavor–Absolut Berri Acai–chilled over ice at the recent launch party at La Hipica Restaurant and Bar, adjacent to Good Fellow Farm near Lyford Hills.

“I am very excited about launching the newest flavor varietal of the Absolut Vodka line, Berri Acai to the local market,” says Amiel Ingraham, Absolut Vodka brand manager at the Burns House Group.

“This past weekend at an exclusive launch event, VIP guests had the first opportunity to sample Absolut Berri Acai through four signature cocktails, The Absolut Berri Cosmo, Blues, Berri Breeze, and Berri Cola. Absolut Berri Acai has an elegant, focused berry aroma, a pure, vital and slightly juicy taste, and a smooth, crisp berry finish. It is the perfect spirit for mixing, as its subtle fruit and flower notes add an elegant and refreshing tone to any cocktail.

With Absolut Berri Acai we hope to inspire bartenders and consumers, showing them how easy yet invigorating drink mixing can be. One of my favorites is the Absolut Blues, a sour with Absolut Berri Acai, lemon juice and simple syrup, garnished with blueberries and mint.”

Living up to the Absolut slogan,”Doing things differently leads to something exceptional”, the launch event had guests wowed with the staging of such an exclusive, elegant event on a horse ranch. From the promotional models to the drinks and décor, you could not miss the Absolut vodka signature style. Adorned in purple attire patrons swarmed the venue to indulge in the many amenities offered. From the contemporary chic décor, to the surround sound music of techno and house hits, the launch event was definitely for the who’s who in The Bahamas. Absolut Berri Acai is now available at all Burns House and Butler and Sands stores nation wide.

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