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Real estate company touts a career in the industry

Often when you see the executive team of a real estate company out together there’s a big deal about to go down, but at the St. John’s Career Day yesterday, the big deal was the students.

It was an opportunity for the company to educate students about the career opportunities in real estate, Mario Carey, CEO and president of the company toldGuardian Businessyesterday.

“[My staff]all buy into my vision and they understand about giving back to the community. If you come to work for my company that is a part of the criteria,”said Carey.

The real estate entrepreneur said that most of the students were asking about summer-work opportunities with his firm, but that many were curious about a career in the sector. Carey said that though they may have understood the basics of selling and appraisals, they were unaware of the true opportunities in the industry.

“They don’t seem to understand what kind of money they can make, which kind of gets their attention,”Carey said,”But the questions have been, how can I get in the business?What are the challenges?”

Beyond telling students to stay in school and endeavour to get to college, Carey said that he encouraged students to have a blended degree with a real-estate component. For example, if students were interested in studying business, he suggested a finance/real estate degree. For the technologically minded, his advice was similar. Information technology was the future of the industry, he said. Carey even offered the advice to those considering studying medicine.

“As you create your wealth, you should know about real estate,”he explained.

The MCR team alternated their coverage of the career booth throughout the event. Carey’s new junior business partner, Carlile Campbell, had a similar message for students.

“I want to educate children here that real estate is a great career to get into and its open to all Bahamians. It’s an industry where the sky is the limit because you can make a lot of money in the field,”Campbell said. He said students appreciated knowing that the industry was diverse with every day an adventure.

St. John’s High School invited Carey to the career day. He said that he hoped to be able to do more of them with other schools, and invited those with career activities for their students to contact Mario Carey Realty.


Mario Carey, CEO Mario Carey Realty and Junior Partner Carlyle Campbell at St. John’s College’s Career Day.

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