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Senator blasts govt on work permits issue

Progressive Liberal Party Senator Hope Strachan yesterday cautioned the government against issuing work permits to foreigners for jobs Bahamians can perform.

In her contribution to the government’s mid-year budget debate, Senator Strachan called on the government to put its priorities in order and stop pandering to foreigners.

“Stop issuing thousands and thousands of work permits for jobs that Bahamians are qualified to do,”Senator Gibson said.

“Stop throwing our children’s heritage away. Stop prostituting our assets for favors and the smiles and loving looks of those outside our country. They have their reasons for being here and it ain’t love of the Bahamian people. It’s that all too familiar word, profit,”Senator Strachan claimed.

Her comments came just before she slammed the government on the impending sale of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company to Cable and Wireless Communications.

Senator Strachan said it remains a mystery why the government is forcing the Bahamian people to swallow this”rotten Cable and Wireless deal.”

She argued that the alleged conflict of interest and insider dealing which has been exposed tarnishes the Cabinet and makes the country look foolish.

“This Cable and Wireless deal is an example of just how determined this FNM government is to pander to foreigners,”Senator Strachan contended.

A memorandum of understanding signed between the government and CWC speaks to the London-based company acquiring a 51 percent shareholding in BTC at a cost of$210 million plus stamp tax.

The signing of the MOU came 13 years after the discussion to privatize the company began.

“This deal is rotten to the core and everything flowing from it would be fruit from the poison tree, rotten to the core as well. Cheaper minutes shouldn’t tantalize grown men who are running a country to give away such a valuable asset. The lies told about BTC’s workers, calling them incompetent and other derogatory things, does not wipe away the stench of this deal,”charged Senator Strachan.

She said the employees of BTC have demonstrated that they are more competent than this Free National Movement government.”It is the money they have earned at BTC which has been used to rescue the Bahamian economy from this FNM government’s bad fiscal management.”

Accordingly, PLP Senate Leader Allyson Maynard-Gibson said it is incredible the government continues to waste time on the mid-year budget exercise that does not produce one new job, save one home from foreclosure, or one Bahamian business from the cruel and harsh economic burdens imposed upon small and mid-sized businesses.

She said the government has a record of destruction and taking care of special interests at the expense of Bahamian interests.

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