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Why so much bullying?

A I have stated before on many occasions in these the articles, there are far too many so-called experts featured on television, radio, and the Internet, who don’t really have a clue as to what they’re speaking about. In fact, some of them talk absolute rubbish, they actually put forth incorrect information as far as I’m concerned, which is most damaging. As an actual example, on the program’Sunday Morning’on CBS with Host Charles Osgood, there was a feature on the rise of bullying in schools. I guess we’ve all viewed some very sickening videos which are being aired on TV and the internet showing young men and/or young women brutally beating other kids

Now, on the show I was watching, they were interviewing one of these so-called experts to ascertain the contributing factors which cause bullying. This so-called expert said, that it’s a very complicated matter to try to get to the root cause of why some kids are brutally bullying others. NO IT’S NOT!….It’s not complicated at all!Any kid, or adult for that matter, who has a need to attack others in order to control them, has a really serious problem which is this.

Number One: this bully has chronic low self-esteem, and he or she also suffers from a complete lack of self-control. Yes indeed, those who wish to dominate others by force, have low self-esteem thus they find it necessary to bully others to keep them in their place. This gives them a temporary feeling of power.

Bullies also have a very short fuse, they are not able to control their emotions. So, when you couple a lack of self-control with a very bad self-image, you invariably get a’Big Bully’accosting people day after day. Of course, another contributing factor to the rise in cases of bullying in the schools, is most definitely due the considerable amount of violence that young people are exposed to on TV, at the movies, and over the internet. This constant exposure to very violent acts being committed, is actually programming a generation of very violent people, who can unfortunately purchase guns far too easily, certainly in The U.S.

So to sum up. Violent societies who produce kids who have low self-esteem, and who have not been taught how to control their emotions, is the actual cause of the present day phenomena of bullying. So, once we know and fully understand these causes of the problem; well then, we should be able, with the assistance of expert help, to get rid of the problem, once and for all.



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