Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019
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From the Director of the NAGB

Sometimes it is difficult to assess the impact of one’s work when one’s focus is still on the trenches.

As Transforming Spaces enters its sixth year, perhaps it is a good time for the community to look up and consider the impact this event has had on raising awareness on fine art and art spaces in New Providence.

As quiet as it is kept, Transforming Spaces has become a model for other art initiatives being proposed and now after six years of success focusing on a Bahamian clientele, it has spawned an official art tour for our visitors.

It has also played a pivotal role in broadening the numbers of Bahamians who purchase art, increasing the art literacy of our local population and introducing a host of artists to the general public.

Someday Transforming Spaces will be fully recognized and supported as a homegrown event with an international audience and reach.

It will happen because in order to survive things must continue to grow and Transforming Spaces is no exception.

It will happen because the elements are in place for it to mushroom into an art happening that can truly transform the way Bahamians see and value their visual and cultural histories, and humbly recognize our ability to produce art that is truly cutting edge and second to none.

It will happen because the institutional structure is present to broaden its offerings, diversify the art experience and extend its impact.

It will happen because Bahamians are a people from which the term”make a dollar out of fifteen cents”originated. We have an intimate knowledge of what this means and creativity, hard work and sacrifice lie at the core of it.

It will happen because we will not wait for it to happen. We will work together to make it happen.

On behalf of the dedicated team that make Transforming Spaces possible each year, I thank you for your support. Enjoy!

•The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas'(NAGB)mission is to collect, preserve, document and promote Bahamian art and visual culture art for the benefit and education of Bahamians and the wider international audience. The NAGB assists in defining the Bahamian art movement that has to this point developed informally and supports the artistic community by extending its audiences, helping to define its standards and practices, and by broadening its impact.

For Transforming Spaces 2011, the NAGB will feature an exhibition on the history of Bahamian art and on Friday, April 1, the gallery will host the general public to a cocktail reception and world premiere of the film”Brent Malone, Father of Bahamian Art”an Island Films Production. Reception begins at 6:30pm and the screening at 7:30pm

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