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Man murderedin front of family

An act of heroism ended in blood Thursday evening when Javado Miller, 30, in an attempt to save his brother, was shot to the chest just off Kemp Road, several eye witnesses claimed yesterday.

Police said one of the man’s relatives allegedly shot him around 6:25 p.m. on Sutton Street.

The family said Miller was shot in a yard between Kemp Road and St. James Road after an argument, apparently over cars speeding on a particular street, turned deadly.

Yesterday, emotions ran high in the back yard of Miller’s home where almost 15 friends and relatives recounted over and over again how this deadly shooting occurred and questioned why the reported argument escalated to a shooting.

Miller’s first cousin, who only went by the name Lakishma, said he was a quiet man who never bothered anybody and did nothing besides go to work and tend to his pit bulls.

She insisted Miller only went to the scene of the altercation behind Food Town in an attempt to quell the fight.

“He only[went]there to find out what happened to his brother,”she said.

“[Miller’s brother]and a next[person]had a fight and he only[went]there to see what happened.

“How[could you]just kill one of your own just like that; you showing off or you looking for fame or what?”

Another of Miller’s cousins, David Adderley, who is also the cousin of the alleged shooter, said he was at the scene when the fatal shot was fired.

He said he was almost shot himself, as the shooter unloaded almost 15 random shots in the area.

Adderley said he was immediately concerned for some small children who live in a nearby house because bullets were flying everywhere.

He said people were relaxing when the shooter ran up and opened fire.

“He started cursing and carrying on and started shooting the gun and all kind of people were in the area,”Adderley said.

He said that in the midst of the wild shooting the man spun around, trained his gun on Miller and fired at him, hitting him in the chest. He added that the man fled immediately after.

“When he spun back around he just shot my cousin Vado,”Adderley said.”A couple of my friends were there trying to help him out and stop the bleeding.”

He added that they took Miller to the hospital in a private vehicle, where he later died.

Miller’s aunt, Flossie Bowe, who raised him and his brother, sobbed uncontrollably yesterday as she viewed the scene where he was shot.

She said she witnessed the altercation herself as she got off a bus and ran home to call the police. But by the time she returned to the scene Miller had already taken a bullet to the chest.

She also described him as an easy going person.

“I never had[any]trouble with him,”Bowe said.

Lakishma appealed for the shooter to turn himself in to police.

Miller’s death marked the 25th murder to be recorded in The Bahamas so far in 2011.

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