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‘Pipes&Bodies’ expressesstudents connection with work

Please tag this TRANSFORMING SPACES 2011Inspired by the work of sculptor George Segal, the”Pipes and Bodies”exhibit is a three-dimensional installation displaying plaster casted sculpture by art students at the College of The Bahamas.

“The intent is to express how we as art majors connect with our work as well as with each other. In our concept, we are building a maze of sorts out of PVC pipes to guide the viewers through the exhibit and give them the opportunity to interact with our body casts,”according to the exhibit’s gallery statement.

“Pipes and Bodies”at COB’s Pro Gallery is one of the stops on the Transforming Spaces Art Bus Tour 2011 route set for April 2 and 3.

“It fulfills the desires of the art and art education majors at COB to express to others their ability to produce effective work and at the same time show several sides of’normalcy’they experience that many other humans may assume they do not possess,”reads the statement.

It was decided among the art and art education majors, along with the influence of COB art lecturer Sue Bennett-Williams, to cast each other using plaster to encase the figures in a number of poses.

This allowed the individuals to exist publicly without the need of human flesh. Although the poses do not necessarily reflect the exact personas of the characters illustrated, they do strike the viewer as a new intelligence of these artists’behaviors.

The personas illustrated include a need for rest after intensive hours of creativity, the sorrow of being buried in numerous problems, a desire to stand on one’s own, power, as well as pure curiosity.

“One might so boldly question where the joy is to be found in these pieces. It might be even bolder to say that the joy is to be found in the individualism achieved through casting these figures; the opportunity to publicly express oneself without the worry of public humiliation, to be seen frozen in one position and to later entertain the many questions that might follow,”said the statement.

The purpose of the pipes in this installation is to express to the viewer the sort of”tunnel-vision”that many persons have about artists themselves and with people in general who do not fit the”regular”rubric.

The pipes are meant to control the viewer as he or she moves throughout the installation.

“It creates the atmosphere that many artists, whether visual or performing, are unfortunately encouraged to live in; pipes which address a physical form of the dominance found in Bahamian society,”said the statement.”Do we not know ourselves to be’biggety’?

“Working on this project with its fantastic combination of materials for the 2011 Transforming Spaces Art Tour has been an exciting and enlightening experience for the students at the College of The Bahamas. It has proven to be most beneficial particularly for those students who intend to proceed with their study of the arts as it has also been quite effective in building a great portfolio. Despite the fluctuation of various conflicts among the opinions of the many young artists, the experience is giving them a decent taste of what it is like to work in the world of art.”

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