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Schaefer sues customs chief, AG

The attorney for Robin Hood said late yesterday he has filed action on behalf of his client against the comptroller of customs and the attorney general for the actions of the Royal Bahamas Police Force officers who participated in a raid on the retail establishment Wednesday night.

Wayne Munroe toldThe Nassau Guardianhe filed an application yesterday seeking an order for the return of the large amount of computer equipment police and customs officers seized from Robin Hood’s Tonique Williams-Darling Highway location.

Munroe said yesterday the authorities should have by now downloaded the information they were seeking from the computers.

He previously noted that the computers were crucial to the operation of Robin Hood.

Munroe said he expects to be before a judge on Monday or Tuesday on the matter.

The attorney has insisted that police and customs officers acted improperly during the seizure.

He said customs officers refused to properly identify themselves and he noted that police refused to provide a receipt on the scene confirming the items they were seizing.

The police officer in charge of the operation had asked Schaefer and Munroe to follow him to the Central Detective Unit(CDU)Wednesday night for a receipt, but Munroe said that was not the proper procedure and declined to go.

On Thursday, Customs Comptroller Glenn Gomez toldThe Nassau Guardianthat his department was investigating Robin Hood for alleged uncustomed goods. He said the information on computers were vital to the ongoing investigation, which started months ago.

“With Robin Hood, we have had just under 10 cases with them in-house over the last eight to 10 months, so I think that in itself says something is going wrong with that company in terms of their interface with customs,”he said.

“It is our job when we find things like that to make sure that they are above board and that the appropriate revenue that is taxable is in fact being collected. We’re not satisfied that that is the case, so hence the investigation.”

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