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Budget Saturday April 16, 2011


Improvements 6a.(sat.)Brent’s que


Sir Roland 7a(sat.)Brent’s que


Ending the Death Penalty(editorial)Tuesday 3/7/11 Brent’s que

1. Shooting in Englerston(Page 1-lead)

WRITER: Chester Robards

2. Glenys on crime Page 1-#2)

WRITER: Chester Robards

3. Jackson Burnside(Page 1-#3)

WRITER: Chester Robards

4. murder accused gets bail(Page 1-#4)

WRITER: Artesia Davis

Page 2 jumps

5. murder case nears end(Page 3-lead)

WRITER: Artesia Davis

poster for man wanted for rape(Devin has it)

6. Freeport News(Page 3-2)

Page four:(small space)-standalone photo of GG meeting ladies

7. COB culinary school(Page 5-Lead)

WRITER: Brent Dean

8. Freeport News(Page 5-2)

remaining standalones to fill page 5

'Pipes&Bodies' e
Cheetahs take Game O