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Choo Choo still in the ring

Where exactly is Jermaine’Choo Choo’Mackey?Has he retired from boxing?

These are just two of the questions being asked by persons in the boxing fraternity, about the former World Boxing Council(WBC)Caribbean Boxing Federation(CABOFE)super middleweight title holder, Mackey. It has been 10 months since he last stepped into the ring and more than a year and half since his last title fight.

Mackey, who was use to being in the ring at least twice a year said he is a free-agent and is now looking to sign on with a promotion company, to assist him in taking his career forward. Even though he has admitted that it has been a while since his last fight, the 6-feet-1 fighter said nothing has changed.

 ”I am still training,” said Mackey.”In fact I was suppose to step into the ring in April to fight in a show that First Class Promotions was putting on, but that got pushed back. Ryan challenged me. He looks like he is serious so the only thing that we need to figure out now is what weight class we are going to fight in. I am super middleweight and he is a little heavyweight. But if Ryan is serious, then we can find a promoter and get this fight on the way. We are in negotiations now, so hopefully things will go good or as planned.

“I am also talking to another promoter. In the brief meeting I explained to him what I am looking for and he did the same. I’ve been getting some calls about fights. The most recent one was for the NABO title, so that is pending. I gave them the information for them to look at my record. So I am just waiting on a response. So you can say that right now, I am just like Sherman’The Tank’, I am just waiting on that opportunity so that I can grasp it when it comes.

The last fight posted on the well known boxing website, for Mackey was in December 2009, that was against Kirt Sinnette in St James, Trinidad and Tobago. Mackey was fighting for the vacant World Boxing Association(WBA) Fedelatin super middleweight title. He fell in the 11th round, by way of Technical Knockout(TKO). This was the second consecutive TKO Mackey suffered on the year. The first was in September, 2009 against Adonis Stevenson, Quebec, Canada. The 12-rounder was stopped in the fifth. The vacant WBC International super middleweight title was on the line. In May of that year, Mackey won the WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation(CABOFE)super middleweight title, knocking out Emiliano Cayetano.

Currently, Mackey has a won 18 fights(KO 14)and lost five(KO 2).

He said: ”The last time I fought it was in The Bahamas was May 22, 2010. The fight was not recorded. I had a meeting with the President of the Bahamas Boxing Commission Mr. Pat Strachan who was suppose to get into contact with Fred Sturrup, and then let me know. They said that they sent in the record but it was never published on So that hurt me a lot because I would have been 19-5. As it stands now, I am at 18-5. The last two losses are posted on the site, but that win wasn’t. Not having this fight recorded took a lot out of the promotion company that was helping me on because it is like the fight never took place. There is no record of the fight happening. I guess it took the steam out of that company.

“It hasn’t stop me from trying to achieve my goals though. I have been training hard at the Balliou Hill Sporting Center. I am staying in the right mind frame and ever since I have been in the weight lifting gym, working with Dr. Dwight Marshall. That has helped me a lot with my punches. I am on top of my throws now, so I can see that helping me out more when I fight. I also have two new trainers now, Ron Rodgers and Gregory Storr. So everything is going good. I am just working hard and staying focus on the goal.”

For all that thought Mackey did go into retirement, he had this to say.”Jermaine Mackey is still number one. I am very excited to get back into the ring. I am ready to knockout whoever I fight.”

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