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FNM: Voters not connecting with PLP

The Free National Movement (FNM) has charged that no part of the Progressive Liberal Party’s message or outreach to voters is resonating, one day after the opposition party inadvertently sent out an internal message to the media.

“The desperate and delusional leadership of the PLP prefer sticking their heads in the sand because they cannot bring themselves to admit what is plain to most Bahamians,” the FNM said in press release issued last night.

The FNM’s statement came one day after PLP deputy leader Philip Brave Davis made his feelings known on the party’s messaging through an e-mail sent out to the media.

“….The stop review and cancel is not resonating, as we have not been able to persuade the electorate that it is management and not the global economy that is causing the woes today,” Davis said in the message.

The PLP has used the stop, review and cancel message to attack the FNM. The PLP has said the FNM damaged the economy by stopping, reviewing and cancelling deals left in place by the last PLP administration before it left office in 2007.

Yesterday, the FNM said the PLP has revealed its cynical campaign to manipulate the Bahamian people with rehearsed lines and silly slogans. The FNM argued that the opposition’s statements are guided by what it hopes might work to further narrow interests, rather than by core and consistent principles.

“The opposition’s arrogance is stunning. They do not realize that their campaign of distortion is failing because the Bahamian people know better. Bahamians understand that the worst financial crisis in generations hit most of the world economy, including The Bahamas,” said the FNM.

According to the statement, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and his party rescued the economy, preserved public sector employment, and created jobs through the most ambitious public infrastructure investment in Bahamian history, along with helping to turn the dream of Baha Mar into a reality.

The FNM said the PLP suffers from delusions and hallucinations.

“In one of the most laughable and comical political comments for some time, Mr. Davis claims that what may be resonating with Bahamians is that the FNM has not started various matters left in place by the PLP due to slothfulness. That is a word that any PLP should be embarrassed to utter,” the governing party said.

“If he looks clearly and honestly in the mirror, Mr. Davis will see slothfulness in his colleagues who failed to start the vast majority of the projects and policies they promised or failed to finish those left behind by the FNM in 2002.”

The FNM described the Christie administration as the laziest, most slothful and dysfunctional government in the modern Bahamas.

“The opposition is reduced to silly slogans and wishful-thinking, hoping desperately to latch onto something that will resonate with the Bahamian public,” the FNM said.

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