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Crude, lewd & rude

I bet my bottom dollar, as the saying goes, that many in my reading audience will be quite puzzled right now having just read the title of this article’Crude, Lewd&Rude’, perhaps saying to themselves, I wonder what D. Paul’s referring to in today’s title. Well, let me not keep you waiting in suspense any longer. I’m referring to the disgusting type of programming which is daily seen on our TV screens in the home, and on the large screens at the movies, and also on the internet, where just about anything can be seen.

It makes me very sad to see something which should be used to build people up through proper educational, uplifting programming; but which is in reality actually programming so many to behave in a disgusting manner, by the images they are subjected to daily on TV, at the movies, and on the internet. For example: so-called’Reality Shows’like’Bad Girls Club’where the Producers get together a bunch of foulmouthed, completely dysfunctional, hard drinking girls, and obviously give them instructions to behave for the cameras in a’Crude, Lewd&Rude’manner; and then we wonder why our children start to also behave in this manner.

I used to enjoy’Comedy Shows’on television when there were excellent, smart, intelligent, and very funny comedians who did not have to resort to constantly using profanity in a desperate bid to get a laugh. How very pathetic some of our foul-mouthed so-called comedians really are!

I heard Jerry Springer being interviewed by someone else about his pathetic show, which is daily programming people all over the world to behave in a most unbecoming manner. Jerry stated to the interviewer, that if his Mother was still alive, he would not be doing his present show as he knows that it would be most offensive to her. So, Jerry Springer would not like his own Mother to view his disgusting’Crude, Lewd&Rude’guests, and yet because his Mother has passed on, he apparently has no problem whatsoever in subjecting the world to the utter filth and debauchery that he does daily with his disgusting show, just to make money.

Oh how very low, to what depths of depravity some people will sink just to be famous, or infamous and rich. I say, shame on you Jerry Springer, and others who produce programming which is literally poisoning so many minds worldwide, including so many young minds!Parents, Guardians and Teachers; please make absolutely sure, that the kids in your temporary care are most definitely not exposed to this kind of’Crude, Lewd&Rude’programming, which is so very, very damaging to young fertile minds.



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