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It’s time to spread the Word

In these troubling times, when the murder count less than three months into the year is already 31, crime and violence are at an all time high, unemployment is on the rise and the family structure is breaking down even more it is evident that an intervention is desperately needed.

According to Bishop John N. Humes, National Overseer of the Church of God in The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, the only effective intervention to cure our troubled nation is the Word of God. This message was the basis for the address he gave at the opening of the Church of God’s 90th annual convention on Monday, March 21. Under the theme”The Great Commission–Our Mandate”the convention’s purpose is to urge the public to be better followers of Christ and revert to Christ-like ways through evangelism and prayer.

“We have a very special message to tell the people because these are troubling times,”said Bishop Humes.”There is a lot going on and the conference addresses the many issues out there. There is a lot of rage in this country, a high incidence of crime and people showing poor anger management in this country. People are acting out and frustrated and there is a vicious cycle going around that causes people to fall deeper into their problems. There are concerns about the growing unemployment which can be a leading factor in many people going to webshops and cafes. The little money they do have they lose and become even more frustrated. We need to pray and form programs geared toward helping the different groups of people.”

Bishop Humes’hope is that the convention inspires people to become more positively involved in each other so that they can help each other through problems. He encourages people to think less selfishly and be their brother’s keepers again, and hopes to attract more young people and parents to the convention so that everyone knows that they are involved in what it is happening, even if not directly.

“Young people need to understand that if you live by the sword you die by the sword or in today’s society, if you live by the gun you will be killed by the gun. Many may think that this has nothing to do with them when it has everything to do with them, because they know someone with a gun or who is in involved in bad habits like drugs or wasting their lives away on the block. Push these people, mostly young people, to give up their weapons and do more with their lives. Find gainful employment and be an upstanding citizen. We complain that people are coming in taking our jobs–even the simple menial ones–but no one is going out there to do more. We need to not only tell but get our kids to do better. Instead of just being frustrated, get up and do something. All these rallies and strikes are doing more harm than good when it comes to our tourism industry. There are other ways to make things better like voting in people who you feel can make the difference you need but many people are choosing wrong avenues like violence and gambling that are only making the problem worse.”

Bishop Humes also stresses public cooperation with the police force and believing in people changing. He says that people need to reach out to the young people with the Word of God and through their compassion in order to bring them closer to Christ. The bishop believes that if you can change the heart of a man you can change his whole life and that this can only happen through Christ.

Bishop Johnny T. Lowe, national councilman, overseer of Long Island and senior pastor at Miracle Church of God in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco told the convention on Wednesday that these are the last days and a return to God’s way is the only way that the people and the nation can be saved.

“Our theme this year is a very timely one,”said Bishop Lowe.””The Great Commission–The Mandate”will remind us to spread the gospel everywhere. Bishop Lowe spoke to the convention about preaching and doing as they are mandated every chance they get as they go around the world. He says disciples need to be made of everyone.

“My focus is to let people know that now is the time for salvation and accepting Jesus Christ if they don’t know Him personally yet. We need to have a more Christ-like spirit and put the teachings of Jesus in practice because He will be returning soon.”

He said that the church must be awakened and the people should rise to the occasion by preaching the Gospel in its entirety. Bishop Lowe feels that the church has been too quiet for too long and he says it is time to give warning to mankind as well as show that there is hope even now.

“God mandated us to go forth in the world and teach and this is what we must do,”said the bishop.”Just like how the early church turned the world upside down when they did what God commanded, so can we. We need changed lives in our Bahamas. We need to be empowered with the power of prayer, love, witnessing and by being examples of Jesus Christ. We need to put these things into practice daily and walk with God everyday.”

Bishop Lowe says the signs of the times are everywhere and it is time to seek redemption if you are not already walking in His ways. Due to the constant global experiences with pestilence, earthquakes, wars and famines happening around the world, he said that now more than ever people need to be about their Father’s business which is to evangelize everywhere.

The Church of God’s convention continues through Sunday, March 27 at their convention center on Joe Farrington Road. Sessions start at 7:30 p.m.


When:Monday, March 21-Sunday, March 27

Where:Church of God Convention Centre, Joe Farrington Road

Time:7:30 p.m.

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