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Large, mysterious carcasswashes up on Acklins’shore

A large creature, suspected by some people to be the carcass of a decomposed whale, was discovered on an Acklins beach by fishermen last week.

The finding has created widespread wonder on the island and has caught international attention. Pictures of the carcass were featured on IReport and were shared by more than 1,000 people on Facebook.

“When I saw it, I said’well God have mercy,'”said Acklins Island Administrator Gregory Knowles.

“The head is off and the tail is off. So it seems like it’s been out there in the sea for quite some time and then you have the sharks. They probably ate the head and basically all of the tail.

“I was really moved by the size especially and then I was wondering how it got there.”

It’s a question that has been asked by many who have viewed the mammoth creature, the administrator said.

Knowles said he is unsure when the carcass washed on the shores of Spar Creek as that side of the island is cut off from the populated areas.

“Where that washed up on shore, it’s in the southern part in Acklins and really no one lives in that area. So that was noticed by the fishermen who were in their boats traveling that area,”he said.

“To get to it you need a boat or you have to walk at least a mile on a tract road and walk the bay.”

Knowles said the fishermen discovered the creature last Wednesday.

“It’s about 50 feet. Man you should see the size of it,” he said.

Knowles said he believes that the creature weighs at least 1,000 tons. In order to move it, the government may have to bring in a crane or possibly a barge, Knowles added.

The administrator said when the clean up efforts begin, there will be a lot of work to do as the stomach of the animal has exploded, probably due to prolonged sun exposure.

“So the guts are out because the stomach burst open,” he said.

Asked what he believes the creature is, Knowles said he could not be sure.

“It is suspected that it could be a humpback whale from the looks of the fins, but I can’t be certain,”he said.

However, Executive Director of the Bahamas National Trust Eric Carey is certain that the creature is not a whale.

“It’s obviously not a whale. It appears to be some sort of marine animal,” he told The Guardian yesterday.

He said his office is trying to reach the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization to have it investigate.

Knowles said his office has notified the Department of Marine Resources.

He said an expert is expected to visit the island to study the creature.

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