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Lowe: No new update on status of Japanese imports

At least one automotive dealer will have to play the waiting game in regards to Japanese car imports, as no new information has surfaced to indicate when normal business operations in that market will resume.

Operations Manager of Nassau Motors Rick Lowe toldGuardian Businessyesterday there is a possibility that further delays in Japanese car imports may be ahead due to the tsunami two weeks ago. Lowe is waiting on official word from individuals in the Asian country.

“We don’t have any specifics at this point,”Lowe said.”Other items that come from Thailand and Korea may experience delays, but we are waiting on official word.”

Lowe said in an earlier interview that cars being imported into the country usually take around six weeks to arrive, but now they could take between nine to ten weeks to land due to the current conditions in Japan.

Like many other dealerships throughout the country, Nassau Motors orders some of its vehicles from Japan, like the Honda CRV, for example.

Lowe mentioned that once things steady on that Asian nation, there may be a surge in water-damaged vehicles being sent to The Bahamas, though nothing has been confirmed.

The latest news up to press time regarding Honda’s Japan operations is that the auto company, along with Toyota, will delay its plans to restart the assembly of automobiles due to a shortage of essential parts, according to Some of the items include electronic devices and rubber and resin products, which will affect 140,000 units. Production has been suspended until today, and the halt on finished cars and motorcycles at its plants will last until March 27.

On March 12, a catastrophic tsunami unleashed by Japan’s biggest recorded earthquake slammed into its eastern coast. Hundreds of people were killed, as everything from ships, cars and homes were washed away and widespread fires burned in the wake of the earthquake.

The earthquake also created waves which washed ashore on Hawaii and the U.S. west coast, where evacuations were ordered from California to Washington. Little damage was reported, however.

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