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Murders up 33 percent

The murder count so far this year is up 33 percent over the same period last year with the country recording a murder every three days on average.

Yesterday, the murder count stood at 30–10 more murders than were recorded this same time last year, according to The Nassau Guardian’s records.

Additionally, several bodies were found this year, which could potentially push the murder count even higher if they are classified as murders.

So far, 11 murders have been recorded in March, seven in February and 12 in January.

Police yesterday identified the country’s latest homicide victim as Alton Ferguson, 36.

He was shot in the head Monday at Exclusive Salon, Cordeaux Avenue and Ragged Island Street, around 2:40 p.m.

Police said a gunman approached Ferguson and shot him. He died a short time after being taken to hospital, police said.

Assistant Superintendent B.K. Bonamy, who heads the homicide division of the Central Detective Unit, confirmed yesterday that police officially classified two recent deaths as murders.

On Monday morning a woman was found in a garbage bag bound and thrown to the side the street, off Prince Charles Drive.

Her head and hands were bound with duct tape, she was stabbed to the right arm and stuffed in a garbage bag.

Police discovered a car, which they believed belonged to the victim, at Doris Johnson High School yesterday.

Bonamy said police have an idea who she was but added that she has yet to be officially identified by her next of kin.

Police have also classified as a murder the death of a man who was found in a jeep on Sunday. Police discovered the burnt remains of the man on a tract road in Bamboo Town.

Police believe he was on bail for murder.

And while police admit that they have their hands full, Bonamy said they are up to the task.

He said five squads have been established to look into some of the country’s latest murders.

Bonamy added that the police will aggressively hunt down the murderers and bring them to justice.

Police closed a murder case earlier this week.

Mario Elliot, also known as’Red Eye’, 24, of Peardale, was charged with the March 17 murder of Javardo Miller and the attempted murder of Tavaris Miller. He was not required to enter a plea to the charges. The matter was adjourned until June 22.

Police say they hope to close a couple other murder cases in the coming weeks.

And while detectives are continuing to investigate those homicides, detectives also have the discovery of skeletal remains on their hands.

Police have yet to classify the March 9 discovery of the burnt skeletal remains of three people, according to Senior Assistant Commissioner Quinn McCartney.

The remains were found in Grand Bahama near Pinder’s Point Public Cemetery.

McCartney told The Guardian yesterday that local forensic analysts have determined that the bones do belong to humans, but he said they were unable to determine the sex, cause of death or how long they were dead.

He said samples of the remains will be sent to an anthropologist in Florida.

As it relates to the skeletal remains that were found in New Providence on the Eastern Road several weeks ago, Bonamy said samples have already been sent to Florida for further testing.

He added that the discovery of a woman’s body on March 19 is also being investigated by the homicide unit. However, he said police have not yet determined whether it is a murder. He said the body was severely decomposed. An autopsy is expected to be carried out on the victim later this month, Bonamy said.

The country recorded a record-breaking 94 murders last year and police have solved more than 70 percent of those.

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