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Shockers looking to advance to next round

The Real Deal Shockers can move into the second round of the New Providence Basketball Association(NPBA)playoffs tonight by securing a win over the Arnold Forbes Pros.

The Shockers, who won Game One, 115-89, are looking to wrap up the best-of-three series tonight, at the C.I. Gibson Gymnasium. If they are successful, they will be the first team to advance into the second round. Hoping to join them are the Royal Bahamas Police Force(RBPF)Crimestoppers, which got past the Y’Cares Wreckers, 129-124, in Game One of their series. They will play Game Two of that series immediately afterwards.

Shockers’Head Coach James Price is hoping that the squad can finish off strong, but he knows that they will have to bring the same level of intensity if they hope to do so.

He said:”It was a good game and we executed very well. I think this was probably one of our better games. This was the one game where we played as a team both offensively and defensively, and it showed that we were playing as a unit because at one point, I think, we had them by some 15 points.”

The Shockers went into the second quarter with a 12-point lead. They scored nine points off turnovers. The team then went on an 18-0 run before the Pros finally scored their seventh point of the game, which came at the two and a half minute mark.

Lasario’Bones’Burrows and Georgio Walker were the hot shooters for the Shockers in that quarter. The duo combined for 16 of the Shockers’25 points scored in that quarter.

Even though they weren’t as dominant in the second quarter, they played a pivotal role in the team’s offense. Chipping in on the offensive end, in that quarter, were Cavin Cummings, Lorenzo Carter and big man Ian’Wire’Pinder.

The Pros had their work cut out for them in trying to mount a comeback late in the game, but the lead proved to be too insurmountable to overcome.

“I never want to go into a game thinking that we automatically will win, that is not the attitude we are going to have,”said Price.”If you look at it, they beat us once in the regular season, so we are expecting a good game from them.

“There is not too much we have to work on. If we play the same we played tonight(Monday)then we will move on. We aren’t going to overlook any team but I know that the team to beat, coming from the other division, is the Commonwealth Bank Giants. They are the defending champions, but like any other team in this league, they will have to play and win if they want to move back into the championship.”

The Giants were the leaders in the John Archer’s Division, finishing the regular season with a perfect win/loss record. They took to the court against the 6-8 PJ Stingers in Game One of their best-of-three series last night, but the result from that game was unavailable up to press time.

The Crimestoppers, if they are able to sweep the Wreckers tonight, could face the Giants in the next round. According to Crimestoppers’Head Coach Anthony’Cops’Rolle, several adjustments were made in the off-season in preparation for a possible series with the Giants.

“The Wreckers, they let Game One slip away from them so we will look to close them out,” said Rolle.”The Giants is the team we want to beat. I made some changes in the off-season to deal with them. That is the only team that has my number. I need to dethrone them, slew them in that series. Beating them is what we are focussed on after this sweep of the Wreckers.”

Game Two with the Shockers and the Pros will get underway at 7:30 p.m. tonight, and that will be followed by the game between the Royal Bahamas Police Force Crimestoppers and the Y’Cares Wreckers.

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