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URCA probing more complaints by SRG against BTC

Investigations are ongoing at the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority(URCA) into complaints by Systems Resource Group(SRG) Limited on two matters involving the Bahamas Telecommunications Company.

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority(URCA) has released a statement advising the public about a number of investigations it is conducting related to allegations of anti-competitive conduct levied against the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)by Systems Resource Group(SRG)

The statement notes URCA is investigating”a complaint by Systems Resource Group Limited regarding toll free calls offered to the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited’s(BTC)fixed line subscribers when dialing ViBe numbers.”It is also probing a”complaint by SRG alleging a margin squeeze by BTC with respect to BTC’s interconnection/wholesale domestic long distance termination charge and BTC’s retail ViBe offerings.”

That statement further indicates that URCA will keep the respective parties and the public advised of any developments as they arise in the investigation.

The statement highlights the latest dispute between the companies, and follows an earlier decision reached by URCA that both companies must pay each other cost-based charges for the termination of inbound international calls destined for the other party’s customers.

“BTC and SRG are also obliged to exchange billing records and/or call details of all inbound international calls passing between their respective networks since 18th June, pay each other for such calls according to the terms of their interconnection agreement, and provide each other with calling line identification(CLI)information when delivering international traffic,”said URCA.

BTC had threatened to discontinue the termination of SRG’s inbound international calls to BTC’s network unless SRG paid a charge for such traffic, URCA noted. Consequently, the regulator issued an interim order on June 23, 2010 directing BTC to refrain from its proposed action until URCA completed an investigation.

SRG operates under the trading name IndiGO Networks.

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