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Bahamas Internet Association founder receives SEO certification

Founder of the Bahamas Internet Association Damien Forsythe has just become certified as an advanced search engine marketer after completing the advanced training and certification provided by The Tampa SEO Training Academy.

This is a timely certification, as the landscape for the share of online search attention has increased among competing companies, and as major search engines continue to update their search algorithms and search result ranking formulas. The most recent and significant of these search engine updates were the Google”Panda/Farmer”update in March 2011, and the introduction of”Google Instant”in September 2010. These updates changed how search results are delivered and prioritized, issues which businesses and professional online search marketers need to stay current with.

Wikipedia defines search engine optimization(SEO)as”the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the’natural’or un-paid(organic”or algorithmic)search results.”

Search engine optimization has become an important strategy for long term viability online, and an effective compliment to other marketing strategies such as paid search marketing, e-mail marketing, social media and even offline promotional strategies.

After receiving his SEO certification, Forsythe said:”I’m thrilled to be able to build on my training and add advanced SEO techniques to my online marketing skills, both for my benefit and those of my clients. You can read online forums and books all day long, but all of that does not compare to an intense in-person training course from leading industry professionals and the live interaction and feedback. The validation for me that comes from completing the course examination and receiving the certification from The Search Engine Academy is a powerful combination.”

Steve Scott, the president of the Tampa SEO Training Academy, also commented that,”While many people claim to be search engine optimization experts, few truly know just how much goes into creating a truly optimized web presence. I often have SEO professionals in my class who tell me before they leave on Friday that they now realize just how much they didn’t know and how invigorated they are to get back to work. For many, the training is a life-changing experience.”

Forsythe is an e-commerce consultant with a degree in Business and E-Commerce from The University of New Brunswick, Canada. He consults with clients in areas such as paid search marketing, search engine optimization, Web usability, analytics and e-mail marketing.

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