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Center lost track of murder suspect near fire scene

The commissioner of police said yesterday that it is”very unusual”that police cannot account for Brandon Humes who was accused of committing a tripple homicide in 2008.

Humes was released on bail in January and outfitted with an electronic monitoring device.

Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, speaking at a news conference at police headquarters, said Humes was being tracked by the electronic monitoring center, which lost contact with his device near where police found a badly burnt body Sunday night at South Beach.

Superintendent Leon Bethel, who is the commander of the Central Detective Unit(CDU), said police found burnt material at the scene they suspect was an electronic monitoring device. However, the body has not yet been identified.

Greenslade said,”We are no longer monitoring him and we are not able to acquire a signal with respect to the bracelet that was assigned to him. The investigation with respect to that burnt body is ongoing.”

Police arrested and charged Humes with the September 20, 2008 murders of Sirdino Smith, Lavardo Armbrister and Vanessa Williams.

Greenslade said he has the”greatest confidence”in the electronic monitoring system acquired from SecureAlert Incorporated.

Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest revealed recently that 42 people are being electronically monitored by ICS Security Concepts.

Greenslade also said yesterday that police are concerned that several individuals out on bail have been found murdered.

Regarding retaliatory killings, Greenslade said there are seldom witnesses willing to speak to police about these crimes.

“I can tell you that any number of young men who have been released on bail have been murdered while on bail and many of those matters are still outstanding and we are not getting anyone to come forward and tell us anything about them,”Greenslade said.

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