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Cheetahs bringing out the broom

Defending champions in the New Providence Women’s Basketball Association(NPWBA)the Boomer G Angels are in a must-win situation tonight. The team is now down two games in their best-of-five series with the Four J’s Cheetahs.

The team, which also won the pennant title, said that they are bringing their brooms tonight at the game, to sweep the Angels out of the DW Davis gymnasium. The Cheetahs stormed back on Tuesday night and clinched game two. 64-62.

“We are looking to close out the series tonight,”said Head Coach Mario Bowleg.”Our intention is to sweep and close the championships. We don’t want to give them life and force a game four. The Angels are a good team and we must respect them, but it is our every intention to close out.”

The Cheetahs came with a different game plan on Tuesday night. The squad, which dominated the offensive game in the first match by driving the ball down the heart of the Angels’defense, forcing them to either commit the foul or give up an open shot, concentrated more on their defense in Game Two.

The full court press that was applied by the team from the opening tip, caused problems for the Angles who were trying to go into the post to Kaylicia Laing. When the Angels did, Laing still wasn’t able to get a good shot off with Cheetahs’big players Anastacia Moultrie and Linda Pierre all up on her. As a result, the Angels moved to an outside game with Suzette McKenzie, Sherrelle Cash and point guard Diasti Delancy.

Both Cash and McKenzie netted two from beyond the arch while Delancy used her quickness to get to the rim.

The Cheetahs’who set up in a 3-2 defensive stand were forced to step and defend the trio. But Cash, McKenzie and Delancy proved too tough for the squad and helped the team to move into the fourth with a three-point lead. They outscored the Cheetahs 22-16 in that quarter and went on a 6-2 run in the opening minutes of the fourth.

The run did force Bowleg to call a time-out. It was a new Cheetahs’team when they returned to the court. Moultrie and Pierre crashed the boards once again giving the Cheetahs’two and three opportunities to score.

Moultrie was the top scorer for the Cheetahs with 15 points, 17 rebounds, three steals and one assist while Pierre closed with 14 points, 10 rebounds, and one block and assist. They were just two of four players in double figures.

Bowleg said:”We know we have what it takes to close it out. We are looking for a good match tomorrow night(Thursday). They aren’t going to give it to us. I know the Angels are going to come back at us strong and we are ready. If we aren’t ready there is nothing else left to do but play on Saturday and we don’t want to play on Saturday.

“We will do whatever it takes to close out. The team has made up their minds that we are going to win. They ensure me that they are ready to win and close the series on Thursday. They are adamant about that.”

The Angels’offensive spark came from McKenzie who closed with 17 points, seven rebounds, one assist and steal. Cash posted 13 points, six rebounds, two steals and one assist and Delancy 11 points. Ashley Moss dominated the glass for the Angels, grabbing 13 rebounds.

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